Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sisters Weekend 2008

Well, I'm off to Houston in a couple of days for our third annual "Sisters Weekend"! It is really something Lisa, Wendy and I look forward to all year long! This year, I'm flying down to Texas and we are going to hit the town of Austin (close to where Wendy lives) Hopefully, we will get to do some shopping, eat some good food (Wendy wants to try Indian food...yummy!) and also get to sleep in at least one day!!!! My mom is picking me up from the airport on Thursday evening and I'll get to hang out with her for a couple of hours and then Lisa will pick me up at her house Friday morning and we'll scoot on over to visit my Grandma Pistorius and her husband Stuart. Then we're off to Austin for some sister fun!!! It's a blessing in my life to have such great sisters! They inspire me, motivate me and are my two bestest (is that a word??) friends! I'll for sure post some cute pics of our adventure in Austin when I return. Let's just hope Al and the kids can survive for a few days without me...yeah right!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


OK, I have seen these "tagging" bits on other people's blogs...I've never done it, but I was reading my sister-in-law's (super cute) blog and saw this...and saw down on the bottom that she tagged me! So here goes....

I am....Amy- a mother, friend, my husband's girlfriend, softball player, piano & preschool teacher, daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me

I want...too many things....most are superficial like losing weight, getting in better shape, but most of all I just want my family and friends to be happy and safe
I have everything...my family, friends, health and the gospel
I wish...that Alan and I were independently wealthy so he could retire and we could do all the things we want to do with our kids (you know...all the stuff that costs a lot of $$$$)

I hate....snakes..I just killed one a minute ago...I thought it was a baby rattler...don't know???

I fear...Barack Obama getting elected and our country becoming a Socialist nation

I hear...Joely singing and laughing with her friend and Jeremy playing the piano and teasing his sisters

I search...for good recipes (easy and cheap), and ways to be a better mom!

I always...listen to Rush, Glenn Beck and Dr. Laura when I'm in the car

I usually...don't know what to cook for dinner

I am not...a patient or perfect wife or mother

I miss....living close to my family and my dad and brother

I love...my family, friends and living in Utah

I never...get enough sleep

I rarely...get to sleep in

I cry...in the shower or in my closet (for any number of reasons)

I am not always....on time

I lose...my car keys

I am confused...by how blessed I am...great hubby, kids, family and friends

I need...a diet coke (but I swore off them this week...to see if it helps with trying to shed a couple of pounds)

I should....be cleaning my house and making dinner instead of doing this blog

I dream....of seeing my children grow up into healthy and happy adults, traveling the world with Alan and some day going to Hawaii!!

Ahhh, I love fall!!

I just love the fall season! It is so beautiful and the air is so cool and crisp!! We won't have too many days of this blissful weather...I know snow is on the way! I'll take the good stuff while I can get it!! We finally finished up with soccer and football (although Jeremy might be doing a football tournament). Jonah's 6 weeks of inactivity are just about up and I've had one Parent/Teacher conference and one to go! Piano is coming along with Josie and Jeremy and Joely and Jenna are loving their preschool! I have one softball game left (did I mention I'm playing in a rec league??) and church volleyball is underway (did I also mention I'm an asst. stake sports director???) OK, it is busy, but its fun. I am however, looking forward to a much needed (and deserved I say) break next week!! I'm heading to Houston for our annual "Sisters Weekend"! This will be year #3 that me, Wendy and Lisa have gotten together for a weekend alone with NO KIDS!!! I flew down to Texas in 2006 and we stayed in San Marcus at a B&B and shopped and had a blast! Last Oct. Wendy and Lisa flew up here to SLC and we stayed in Park City and went to conference together in the conference center! It was cold, but it was awesome! This year, I'm heading back to Texas and we're staying at Wendy's in Austin! I'm looking forward to sleeping in, trying some cool new restaurants, and just catching up with my sistahs!! I'll blog when I get back home!