Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Well, it's been a while since I've blogged...and I've missed it! I got back from my sisters weekend which was awesome, fun, heavenly, much needed, invigorating, etc. etc. and I don't think I've had a spare minute since!!! Thanks Lisa and Wendy for an awesome time...and thanks to Alan and my kiddos for holding down the fort and not totally destroying the house while I was gone...OK flash forward...we had Halloween, it was so fun (and I still haven't had a second to download my pics..but trust me, the girls were adorable as a vampire (Josie) a monkey (Joely) and Nemo (Jenna)...Jonah & Jeremy dressed up too...Jonah was a very good zombie Ute football player and Jeremy was the Joker (Heath Ledger-type) and he was VERY scary...and most of all...they were safe and had a blast....they covered the entire neighborhood and then some and ate so much candy we will keep the dentist in business!!! We had a lovely November....I got my wish as to no snow...THANK YOU!!! and Alan's parents hosted Thanksgiving and it was fun....it was us, Al's brothers Mike, Kenny & Wayne...the other two Phil and John weren't able to make it. We had a nice dinner and hung out with everyone all evening....we left happy, grateful for a wonderful family and FULL!! Now we are in December and I seriously can't believe how fast it has gone by...I really will be shopping on Christmas Eve I'm sure...to finish everything up. I'm not going to berate myself for it anymore. I'm dealing with the reality of shopping for six children and unless I start in July, there just isn't enough time to finish up much before Christmas Eve. And I admit...I love shopping during the Christmas season (minus Black Friday which I avoided this year as well as last) because it just makes me feel all Christmasy (is that a word???) and I love this time of year!

We put up our Christmas tree, house lights and inside decorations and on Sat., Dec. 6th we engaged in our long standing tradition of going to Temple Square to see the lights...Since we've been back in Utah, we have been going with our friends the Andersons...Scott was Alan's roommate at Snow and Christine has been my best friend since birth! We meet at Crown Burger, gorge ourselves and then walk it off (yeah right, I know) on Temple Square! This year it was especially enjoyable because it wasn't so freezing cold...and there wasn't snow covering up the lights. We forgot our camera (hence, the generic picture) but we had a great time! It is one of mine and the kids' favorite Christmas traditions!!!

So, I hope you all comment...I want to know how you all are doing...and Merry Christmas to you all!!