Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

We had some new family pictures taken in I thought since its been a LONG time since I've posted something on our blog, that I would put a picture on for all to see (all those who haven't given up on me ever blogging again!) The kids are getting so big and so handsome/gorgeous!!! Joshua will be turning 17 in about 2 1/2 weeks..can't believe it. He's doing really good in school, driving, dating a teeny bit (hey, I'm not complaining about that!) and he's a great kid. Jonah is 13 going on 17- at least he wishes...he's in 8th grade...and life is pretty smooth...great kid, very funny and great with his siblings when they aren't fighting!! Jeremy is in 6th grade...11 turning 12...soon all three of the boys will be priesthood holders and blessing and/or passing the cool. Jeremy is the funniest kid...he always has some funny word to say, or some sarcastic remark...he's a cool kid. The girls are so precious...Josie is turning 8 in January and getting baptized. I'm trying to convince her to pierce her ears, but her dad is throwing a fit about we'll see who wins the battle. She's a great little reader and is doing well in 2nd grade. Joely is enjoying her Kindergarten year...she's a little bored b/c a lot of what they do she already knows. She is so busy...constantly going, going, going! Jenna Grace is no baby in our house...I can finally say she is potty trained (only took us til age 4....whew!) and she is so much fun. She goes to preschool with me, is learning to read really well and is busy just like her sisters and brothers. She is a gem...we all spoil her rotten!

I love this time of year....but I miss being close to my family. I've enjoyed sending out Christmas cards this year, and doing a couple of cookie exchanges and a secret santa. The time goes by so quickly, there isn't enough time to do everything I want to do, so I try to pick the things I REALLY want to do, and then try to find time to squeeze it in. Life has been good to us...we have been so blessed...we have our family, our friends, our health and the gospel of Jesus my other friend posted on her blog....what more could we ask for??? Hope this post finds all of you happy and healthy and enjoying this Christmas season. Love to you all!!