Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some new pictures

So, I live in this totally amazing neighborhood where within a 2 block radius I can get professional pictures taken, my hair done, my nails done and a massage!!! Not to mention the ladies who cook and sew like professionals too! It's very humbling to live around such talent!! So, I decided to take advantage of this...and forego the ever-boring standard school pictures (the ones with the same old blue/grey background we had as kids 25 years ago) and have my very talented friend Mikki take my kids' pictures. I'm sure you'll agree that they turned out a 100 times better than the canned school shots and the kids didn't have to say "pickles"!!

Probably my favorite of Joshua...because he looks so handsome and you see the mountains too!

So GQ right?

I love this one too!

We finally got a genuine smile out of him!!

Josie is in 3rd grade this year!!

Joely is in 1st grade- love the toothless grin!

My little baby girl Jenna....not so much anymore...she's in Kindergarten!

Yes...Jonah is smiling!!! He is so cute! My big freshman!

My Jeremy -the big 7th grader!! Can you tell he didn't want his picture taken?
The closest we came to getting him to smile! He is so handsome!!


Kinsey Pistorius said...

wow, those are GREAT!!! Jonah's is amazing because he is genuinely smiling - i love it!!! and they are all so good - we have such beautiful/handsome nieces and nephews. :)

Nicole said...

The pictures turned out great!

Jeff and Kate Dixon said...

I love the one of Josh on the bleachers! So cute and casual. Great Smile! They all look so cute- much better than the not so personalized school picture.

partypatt said...

Love the pictures, Amy and Mikki! Nice to see new ones!